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Our Hair Care Secret

23 June 2020

Aloe Vera and Keratin

Good hair days can be yours everyday! We have created a revitalising shampoo and conditioner duo that changes the hair game.

Two ingredients that you’ll often hear simultaneously with healthy, full body tresses are Aloe Vera and Keratin. The good news is we have both in our revitalizing shampoo and conditioner duo. These protein enriched hair care products work perfectly together to clean from root to tip, strengthen every strand and restore lost moisture.

But let’s let the ingredients do the explaining...

Aloe Vera

You’ve seen it before, beauty bloggers cutting juicy Aloe Vera leaves in half and putting the inner leaf gel directly on their hair! They claim the incredible benefits and we know it too! But leave the leaf alone, we already have it in our Aloe rich haircare products, saving you the mess too. Inner leaf Aloe Vera gel is our hero ingredient. Here’s why it’s so good for your hair:

Anti-Inflammatory Fatty Acids
Aloe Vera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is the perfect solution for inflamed skin that is often associated with dandruff. Aloe Vera soothes the scalp, by preventing itching. With consistent use, you’ll be saying goodbye to those white flakes!

Conditioning Enzymes
Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes, a fancy word that means it makes your hair smooth and shiny! Also, the enzyme helps to repair damaged skin cells on the scalp.

Healing & Re-Growth
The healing properties within Aloe Vera promote hair growth. Aloe Vera increases blood circulation to the area it is applied to. An increase in blood flow to the scalp aids in preventing hair breakage, promoting growth and slowing down hair loss!

Cleansing Properties
Applying Aloe Vera shampoo leaves your hair cleaner than ordinary shampoos because of the deep cleansing properties within the Aloe. It removes toxic chemicals from other hair products with ease ensuring there is no residue that will damage the hair.

Nourishing Hydration
Harsh chemical based hair products have got to go! They damage your hair and hurt the hair strands overtime, but Aloe Vera not only cleans effectively but preserves the integrity of your hair and conditions due to it’s high H2O content! Also, Aloe’s natural humectants help create a barrier to lock in hydration.


Our form of Keratin is a natural form. Keratin is a protein that protects your hair and helps rebuild the natural layer of hair by replacing lost protein. Here is what it does:

Smoother and Sleeker Structure
De-frizz your natural waves and achieve sleek hair with Keratin. Just wash, blow dry and go! You’ll be amazed at how smooth your hair is after just one wash and makes it easier to manage when it’s time to style.

Improves Strength and Elasticity
Keratin protein fills in the gaps of damaged hair. When the gaps are filled, you have new armour to protect your hair from brittle breakages. Strengthened strands will help your hair resist damage to heat styling tools.

Healthier, shinier, softer looking hair is one wash away!

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