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Luxury Body Care

09 December 2020

Don't forget about the skin below your chin!

Just as we take care of our face, we must take care of our body. Our skin is not only the largest organ in the human body, but it’s also the only organ that protects and separates us from the outside world. It is crucial to care for your body and give yourself the pampering you deserve.

We have obsession-worthy body products that will keep your skin hydrated, soft, supple and young! Here’s our recommendation and step by step guide to care for your body.

Step 1: Aloe Body Wash
A thorough wash is the best way to start. Our Aloe Body Wash is a soap-free, shower gel that naturally cleanses your skin. Pure botanicals leave you feeling deeply refreshed, beautifully scented & visibly glowing.

Step 2: Sea Salt Scrub
Now, give your body the ultimate spa-like treatment with our rich exfoliating balm. Sea Salt particles effectively buff away dead skin cells, revealing soft smooth skin. Our Sea Salt Scrub is an absolutely divine experience that will leave you begging for more.

Step 3: Essential Oils
Our delicately scented body oil calms the skin and the senses. After your shower or bath, warm the oil by rubbing your hands together before applying with long massage strokes. This will leave your skin soft and supple.
Top Tip: Add a few drops to your bath for a relaxing soak at the beginning of this ritual.

Step 4: Aloe Hand and Body Lotion
Once the oils have soaked into your skin, apply all over skin-softening hydration. Lock in intense moisturise and protect your skin with our Aloe Hand and Body Lotion. This lotion has powerful antioxidants, Vitamins A & D3, to help protect against skin-ageing free radicals and help repair stressed, dry skin.

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